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Maths Year 7- 9

Year 7-9 Maths Tutoring for Key Stage 3 / Grade 6-7-8 of American Curriculum

Thriving for the children to excel, our qualified, highly skilled, and experienced teachers assist by supporting and guiding them in every step of the way in accordance with the curriculum. The Dubai Tutors use a combination of learning materials, worksheets, and past papers for the Key Stage 3 (Year 7-Year 8-Year 9) to cater for each child’s learning style. This empowers them to provide the best possible supplementary education to our students.

Using a stringent selection and vetting process, our KHDA licensed teachers who work with each child in Key Stage 3 (Year 7-Year 9) in small groups are certainly able to manage the learning style of the individuals. With this, best possible supplementary education to our students is provided. Gore's Year 7/8/9 tutoring covers algebra and geometry and other maths topics that are related to UK / American curriculum (US)

Promoting a positive attitude towards teaching and learning, and at the same time allowing the students to work and build confidence needed to achieve and succeed, The Dubai Tutors deliver their lessons in a professional matter with a positive attitude towards teaching and learning. In group lessons, students who are more able are challenged to motivate and extend their learning which enables the others to make significant gains in their progress.

Providing the students an environment conducive for learning is what we offer for the students to receive exceptional support and guidance from our highly motivated team of teachers.

The Gore's Dubai Tutors for Year 7-Year 9 (Grade 6 -Grade 7 - Grade 8) offer their tuition services to students from reputed schools such as American School in Dubai (ASD), Dubai International Academy (DIA), Dubai American Academy (DAA), Repton Dubai, Wellington International (Sh Zayed road / DSO), Raffles World Academy, Emirates International School (EIS Jumeirah / Meadows), Gems World academy, Gems Modern High, JESS Ranches, Greenfield Community School Dubai, Victoria International, Australian School, Dubai college, jumeirah college, English college, Dubai British school (DBS), Dubai English Speaking school (DESC), winchestor, etc

What we offer & How it works:

Private Tutoring / Small group tutoring

Licensed Tutors (License from KHDA, Ministry of Education in Dubai)

Experienced in UK Curriculum with minimum work experience of 3 years in a UK Board School

Certified Lesson plans as per Maths specifications for Blended teaching

Hundreds of respected and top school references / testimonials

Access to thousands of practice questions prepared by our expert tutors and access to Gore's Q Bank

Regular tests and evaluation

Past papers solving including UK SATS