gore's tutoring


GCSE-IGCSE English (Grade 10 / Grade 11) Language is a popular subject among students in Dubai. At Gore's Tutoring the lessons for GCSE-IGCSE English Language (Literature) are conducted in small groups at our Licensed center in Dubai Knowledge Village. Dubai students choose Edexcel-CIE-Aqa boards for the GCSE-IGCSE English Language(Literature). Our tutors are Native Speakers (Female) who have extensive knowledge of the GCSE-IGCSE English Exam patterns.

Students from Winchestor, Cambridge International, Jumeirah College, English College, Dubai British School, Chouiefat School (sabis), Repton, Raffles, Regent, King’s Dubai, JESS Ranches, Wellington, Dubai International Academy (DIA), Deira International School, Universal American School (UAS), Wellington International, Emirates International School (EIS-Jumeirah-Meadows), Gems World academy (GWA), Gems International School, Dubai American Academy (DAA), DESC, etc

All our tutors are licensed and certified by Dubai Education Authorities (KHDA). Gore's tutoring center is fully licensed Tutoring Center that meets all the criteria required to conduct English tutoring for Edexcel / AQA /CIE boards in the Emirate of Dubai.